Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether to see a physiotherapist when you have pain. You may be wondering “What can I expect from physiotherapy?”, “Can physiotherapy help me?” or “do I need physiotherapy?”.

Physiotherapists are movement specialists – what they focus on treating is any condition or injury that may affect your movement! A physical therapist can help people reduce pain, improve mobility, increase strength, and improve balance and coordination.

It is important to understand what physiotherapy can do for you. Many people go to physiotherapy hoping to get some kind of “hands-on” treatment hoping that their symptoms will go away quickly. Treatments such as massage, acupuncture, and general or systemic therapy may provide short-term symptomatic relief, but they may not solve your problem.

These types of treatments are important to complete in addition to a well-planned and appropriate exercise program. In fact, for many conditions, exercise is the primary form of treatment, and your health care provider may not need to include “manual” therapy in your rehabilitation plan. The health care provider will guide you in the activities that make your pain worse, and he will tell you about the things to avoid that can make your condition worse. They will also be able to provide more guidance on returning to work or exercise after an injury.

It’s important to always talk to your physiotherapist about any pain or problem you might be experiencing – they want the best for you. It is also important that you give accurate feedback on the effects of the treatment and discuss any frustrations or anxiety you might have.

This will ensure good progress and productivity in the future! 1 or 2 sessions of massages will not solve your problem, always consult your physiotherapist to have the best health.

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