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Your healing journey starts immediately with a free injury-assessment and access to the full-spectrum of healing treatments. If your goal is to reduce physical pain, prevent injury or heal for the long haul, then we can help.

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Professional services that you can depend on.

Our Treatment Options

Patients are advised to choose one (1) treatment option from the four (4) available treatment options that we have in our facility. All our options have been designed for continuous exercise with supervision and we cater for all individual needs.

Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Patients are admitted to our medical rehabilitation home where they are attended to twice a day. Viz In the morning session or in the evening session

Home Service

Patients are attended to within the confines of their homes.


Patients are expected in the hospital for treatment on appointment days otherwise referred to as clinic days

Out-Patient (with ambulance services)

Ambulance services are provided to convey patients from their homes to the hospital for treatment on appointment days (clinic days) after which, the ambulance will drop the patients in their homes again..

Meet Our Physiotherapist

Meet Dr Awe Olusesan

Mr. Olusesan Awe is a high-flying physiotherapist who has carved a niche for himself in Nigeria’s healthcare industry. He is the Founder, Head Physiotherapist and Chief Executive Officer of Physiofit Physiotherapy Hospital which is based in Lagos.

Physiofit has the distinction of being the only physiotherapy outfit in Nigeria which is recognized as an hospital because of the rehabilitation home facilities which it possesses.


Mr. Olusesan Awe has attended many professional courses in Nigeria which have to do with various aspects of Physiotherapy. He has also attended related courses in Australia, Chicago, USA and Miami, USA.


He is a member of the Nigerian Society of Physiotherapy (NSP), the Nigerian Society for the Study of Pain (NSSP), the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists (AAOP) and the World Stroke Organization (WSO).

Our Speciality Clinic

Physio-fit Physiotherapy Hospital with Outpatient and Inpatient services. We have a world-class treatment, let your healing energy start with us

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