Pain, stiffness, and functional limitations are frequently brought on by a fractured leg. This kind of damage happens when one of the leg’s bones cracks or breaks. Sports-related injuries, slips and falls, and car accidents are other common causes. Physical therapy can help you function and range of motion significantly better. For individuals undergoing treatment and conservative management for a leg fracture, it might be advantageous.

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Initial Leg Fracture Treatment
An individual may experience discomfort if they have a fractured leg. To maintain the appropriate alignment and healing of the broken bone, a bone fracture necessitates rapid medical attention. A medical professional will fix or decrease the bone, which can be done manually. An operation known as open reduction internal fixation may be performed by a surgeon in cases of severe thighbone (femur) fractures (ORIF). It is frequently required to ensure that the healing process takes place by carefully positioning every bone fragment.

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